• The Bornholm Cider Mill

The Bornholm Cider Mill

Together with the newly appointed Michelin-star restaurant, KADEAU, the EspersenGroup has taken over Bornholms Mosteri (The Bornholm Cider Mill). The Bornholm Cider Mill is a social company employing a staff of 11 – all with various sorts of handicaps.

In 2012 the cider mill produced roughly 650,000 bottles of cider produced from various mainly Danish fruits.

The bottles are sold in cafés, canteens and a number of gourmet restaurants such as KADEAU which has had their own private label.

The ambition of the new owners is to develop the cider mill in such a way that gastronomy, economics and job possibilities for challenged people form a unique platform.

It is the first time that private investors have engaged in a so-called “social first”-company. This ensures the social mission of the company and together with the product quality this forms the basis of the co-operation.