• Bornholm Fisk A/S

Bornholm Fisk A/S

A/S O.V. Jørgensen and A. Espersen A/S has decided to go along for the establishment of a new company - Bornholm Fisk A/S, which shall perform the receipt of fresh fish in Bornholm.

The establishment must be seen in light of the fact that landings of fresh fish in Bornholm have been significantly reduced over the last few years and there is a need to streamline operations and reduce costs. The company takes over and brings together the two parties’ existing activities in the area. With their many years of experience the two companies, which are assembled in Bornholm Fisk A/S and in cooperation with the fishermen, the new company will work for more focus on improving the quality, which could also allow fishermen a better price. Aiming at creating better conditions for the fishery Bornholm Fisk A/S will also contribute with funds to develop fisheries on Bornholm. Bornholm Fisk A/S will have fish intakes in Ronne, Nexo and Tejn while intakes in Hasle, Listed, Årsdale, Bornholm and Svaneke will be closed.

It is our hope that the new company, in collaboration with the fishermen will be able to maintain and develop the Bornholm fisheries where fishing conditions in the future, expectedly will make great demands on the individual fisherman's economy. Peter Grave by A/S O.V. Jorgensen says in establishing "By joining forces in Bornholm Fisk A/S, we expect that the new company in close cooperation with the fishermen will be able to maintain and develop the fishing industry in Bornholm". Also CEO Klaus B. Nielsen, A. Espersen A/S welcomes that Espersen can help to secure and develop the fishing industry on the island and that this allows for the supply of fresh cod for processing at Espersen’s plants in Poland and Lithuania.

Director of Bornholm Fisk A/S, Kurt Schärer says that the new company, which holds a great deal of knowledge in the fish industry, will provide an opportunity to create better conditions for fishing in Bornholm. The ambition is that Bornholm will still have a fleet in which the younger generation will also see the possibility of a future employment.


Date: November 8th 2013