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Our sustainability program identify a number of focus areas. A number of policies made to fulfil the goals as outlined in our program supports all the activities.

You can access each of these policies by using the links below.



Our vision is to provide high quality, safe, nutritious and affordable food for today's consumer and future generations whilst imposing the smallest environmental impact on the planet.

Therefore, we constantly work to minimize the environmental impact from our activities and production.

We will comply with the environmental requirements and safety requirements required by goverments.

The focus areas in our environmental work are energy, water and waste reduction. The aim is to contribute to environmental improvements in such a way that it achieves business benefits as well.  

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We are committed to conducting business in an ethical manner, and we will not support any public or private organization with discriminatory policies or practicies.

At Espersen, we will always adhere to national and international laws. We continuously strive to improve the welfare of our workers beyond this through our Worker Welfare Programme. We work in partnership with our suppliers to implement these additional initiatives at site-specific locations to deliver the benefits over time.

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Health & Safety Policy:

Our vision is to provide a safe and healthy working environment that continuously attract and retain people of the highest caliber and create a working environment where they feel inspired to drive our impact and growth.

We will focus on continuous improvement and goes beyond what the law requires.

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Espersen Privacy Policy for external business partners:

A. Espersen A / S takes the protection of your personal data seriously. That is why we have adopted this Privacy Policy for external customers, suppliers and business partners, which will tell you how we process your personal data in accordance with personal data law.

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Diversity Policy:

At Espersen we believe diversity is important to ensure and that the profiles of Board members and members of management provide the necessary range of perspectives, experience and expertise required to achieve effective stewardship and management.

Accordingly, Espersen has adopted a diversity policy which outlines its approach to achieving and maintaining diversity (including gender diversity) on its Board of Directors and in management positions.

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Whistleblower system:

In Line with the Espersen Code of Conduct we encourage our employees and partners to report concerns or misconduct on a (fellow) employee or superior within our company.

In order to support the Espersen Code of Conduct, whistleblower protection and the very integrity of the Company, Espersen will provide a safe system, Espersen Whistleblower System, for employees and partners to report on concerns or illegal activities in the workplace.

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Procedure for postings on Espersen’s employee app​

Espersen’s employee app is a source of easy-to-access information for our employees and a one-way communication tool, where departments and functions can update the app with information that brings professional and social value to our employees and hereby also to Espersen.

Link to English procedure   Link to Polish procedure  Code of conduct 


Modern Slavery Statement

At Espersen, modern slavery and all its forms are not tolerated. In Espersen’s CSR policy we outline our commitment to conducting business in an ethical matter and our commitment to human rights. Our commitment is not only within our own operations but we have the same standards for our suppliers, and other business partners.

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