• Supply Chain Integrity

Supply Chain Integrity

Conduct business in a sustainable manner that encompasses concerns about resource use and protecting the oceans. Ensure we safeguard seafood supplies for future generations, including wild and farmed fish raw material, packaging and ingredients.


Ensure purchasing decisions are based on robust sustainability criteria, such as GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative), GSSI (Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative) and SSCI (Social and Scheme Management Criteria) recognized industry schemes and standards.

  • Set science-based targets in accordance with the Business Ambition for 1.5°C.
    • We submitted our targets for validation in December 2022 but SBTi approval is pending.

Implement monitoring systems for all sourced fish (wild and farmed), so that all stocks can be traced back to source.

What we are doing:


  • 100% of the fish we buy is traceable back to source (fishery, species, and vessel).
  • Electronic traceability system in place from factory gate to end customer.
  • Ongoing supplier approval process;
  • Electronic traceability system in place from factory gate to end customer.
  • Third-party certification on our own sites:

    • 100% BRC-certified sites with minimum grade A in 2022.
    • 100% SMETA audited sites or equivalent customer-specific audit scheme.


  •  Ongoing supplier approval process;
    • 96% of all sourced fish is certified against a GSSI recognized scheme such as MSC, ASC and GlobalG.A.P. (2022)
    • 66% of our land-based suppliers are certified against a GFSI approved standard. (2022)
    • 64% of our suppliers are certified against a GFSI approved standard, excluding vessels and factory trawlers objectives. (2022)


  • We conduct re-assessment of approved suppliers at least every three years. (2022)


  • We believe that having a detailed and comprehensive understanding of every step of our supply chain is an essential first step in meeting our business objectives.


  • To minimize risks in our supply chain, continuous monitoring of our suppliers enables us to prevent labor abuse and helps us strive towards effective partnership. This allows us to identify the suppliers that share our values and develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.