• The Espersen Group

The Espersen Group

Espersen is a world leader in the processing of frozen fish blocks, frozen fillets, specials cuts, and breaded and deluxe puff pastry fish products, with modern production plants in Denmark, Lithuania, Poland, UK and Vietnam and representation offices in UK, France, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. As such, we are an internationally recognized supplier of high quality products, delivering to some of the utmost quality-conscious customers in both Europe and the USA, some of which count the largest multi-national food corporations in the world.

Maintaining and delivering the highest quality is paramount to us, and the seafood produced by Espersen is recognized for its superior quality. We rely on the raw material we source, which is predominantly white fish species, such as cod, haddock, hoki, pollock, and saithe. The majority of our products are tailor-made private label products; however, we do have our own locally branded products.

Everything we do is geared towards continued access to fish resources, so carefully managed fisheries are vital to us. In consequence, Espersen is internationally renowned in the industry as a responsible company to whom sustainable development is a natural, vital part of our day-to-day operations. With the support of our highly skilled and committed workforce, we continue to take the required steps to help lead the fish industry on a sustainable pathway.