• Net Positive Fishing

Net Positive Fishing

Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources as a vital source of healthy and affordable food.


Identify and promote innovations and gear technology with improved fish handling, selectivity and reduced energy use and environmental impact.

Demonstrate that the marine fishing industry can play a key part in providing a healthy diet in the coming decades within acceptable environmental and ethical impact limits.

What we are doing:

We participate and support industry initiatives that promote sustainable development in fisheries and production of seafood.

We are supporting the development of new technologies to better understand the consequence to fishing patterns with onboard ‘live’ monitoring systems and utilizing this data to improve efficiency of fuel use and procurement of raw material.


  • We collaborate across the supply chain. The fuel consumption of fishing vessels account for the majority of Espersen’s emissions. Collaboration is crucial to achieving our Scope 3 target. A further lever could be that we make adjustments to the fish species we source towards species with a lower emission intensity.