• J.P.A. Foundation

J.P.A. Foundation

Espersen is owned by a family foundation. The objective of Director J.P.A. Espersen and wife, Mrs. Dagny Espersen’s Foundation is to give  back to the local communities in which our company operates, and which have contributed to its growth.

The JPA Foundation is a commercial Foundation with corporate interests and responsibilities that ensures a viable and sustainable business. At the same time, the Foundation fulfils its role by providing worthy causes with donations and support.

“Doing well by doing good” is central part of the Foundations identity.

In the beginning, the Foundation focused on supporting social and humanitarian projects in Denmark. However, as Espersen has expanded into Europe and beyond, the Foundation has also broadened its scope to major projects in Poland and Lithuania, and increasingly, to the work of international aid organizations.

In recent years, concerns about the ocean, its resources and climate change have accelerated the Foundation’s scientific research support, in order to protect the marine environment as well as research within food technology.