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Our Seas Our Fish Our Food

“What’s for dinner?” – a question every parent is asked on a daily basis, whether our children are grown and coming home for a visit, or they are still in kindergarten or school, always ready for the next delicious snack to be placed in front of them on the table. Irrespective of what we choose to serve for dinner, fish fingers or fish sticks have been part of our diet for more than 50 years. Served with peas and potatoes or even in a sandwich, those small, breaded, golden pieces still remain almost every child’s favorite.

The fish sticks are also an Espersen favorite, as they form part of our history; a history that encompasses a journey from local to global cod production – from local success to global leadership.

At Espersen, we firmly believe that our seas equal our fish that again equal our food. For more than 75 years, we have been dedicated to bringing superior quality fish products to the dining room tables of as many families as possible. We take great pride in the products we supply for the world’s mums, dads, children and grandparents to enjoy. And we will continue to do our best to fulfil the needs and wishes of every quality-conscious company and consumer worldwide in the years to come.

Did you know that

Fish is a good source of high quality protein, rich in many micronutrients and low in saturated fat? Many European countries recommend eating at least two portions of fish a week. Ultimately, fish provides an important source of nutritious food to sustain our growing population