• Sustainability
  • Net Positive Fishing
  • Supply Chain Integrity
  • Resource Use
  • Worker Health & Welfare


Our Seas, Our Fish, Our Food
Sustainability is deeply ingrained in our DNA. We act sustainable in everything we do - from the decisions we take to the fish we make. We invite you to collaborate on developing sustainable products that protect the sea, the fish and the food.

Sustainable fishing
To ensure a sustainable future of fisheries, oceans and fishing communities, we have to discover new fishing concepts. Therefore, in 2016, Espersen initiated a project, inviting key stakeholders and experts to share their ideas on future fishing gear. A lot of innovative ideas emerged ranging from seaborne drones to light and laser technology that can help us better explore and navigate the seas. The project is now moving closer to the realization phase, and the next step is to find partners and trial the concepts of new gear types. You can read more about the initiative here (link til distrubtive fishing)

Espersen takes a lead
Espersen takes lead in protecting the sea, the fish and the food. In 2017, we and our partners received the Responsible Business Oceans Award for our work to protect the vulnerable marine ecosystem in the northern part of the Northeast Atlantic around the island of Svalbard. You can read more about the award and our initiative here (link til Ocean Award)

Our focus areas
We have defined four focus areas that guide our sustainability work and ensure that we apply our resources in the areas that matter most:

• We promote net positive fishing, ensuring current and future availability of food from the sea. Click here to read more.

• We prioritise good worker welfare in a safe and healthy working environment. Click here to read more.

• We minimise our use and waste of valuable resources, e.g. water and energy and we strive to use every part of the fish. Click here to read more.

• We offer supply chain integrity with full control and traceability from sea to serving. Click here to read more.

If you want to read more, click here to download the full report.
If you have questions please contact Head of Sustainability, Alex Olsen (Alex.Olsen@espersen.com).

“Espersen has always had a strong commitment to sustainability. Our sustainability programme has helped us to align and focus our efforts on the areas where we can have most impact and which impact mostly on us”

Head of Sustainability, Espersen