• Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

To Espersen, social responsibility forms an integral part of our business, as we feel a strong urge to give back to the communities in which we operate by contributing to their further development. As such, CSR and Espersen go hand in hand, as we seek to provide a real, relevant and necessary community effort towards achieving a better and more sustainable future.

Since the mid 1990ies, Espersen has stated our corporate social responsibility in a code of conduct, focusing on the priorities and keywords: Responsibility, reliability and efficiency.

Our continuous efforts within the field of social responsibility underscore our profound commitment to responsible, reliable and efficient corporate behaviour around the world:


We wish to act responsibly and be law-abiding in all matters. We strive to find the proper balance between humanity and competitiveness, work and family life and a balanced use of the natural resources.


We seek to continuously improve the work and employment terms for all employees; not only our staff employed by 100% owned factories, but also for staff employed by the outsourced factories as well as for employees at subcontractors.


We wish to be innovative and efficient in the way we act, to be able to maintain and develop our attractive workplace, and to maintain and attract the best employees.

The pinnacle of work within the area of social responsibility is embodied in Director J.P.A. Espersen and wife, Mrs. Dagny Espersen’s Foundation, which main purpose is to secure a healthy business as well as to supportvarious humanitarian purposes. Espersen is owned by The J.P.A. Foundation.