• Quality & Food Safety

Quality & Food Safety

At Espersen we are committed to meet our customers’ expectations for superior quality and safe products that comply with legal requirements.

Our Quality and Food Safety Management Systems describe the organization and procedures that are necessary to comply with our customers’ specifications and standards. QMS underline that everybody in the company is responsible for the quality of their work and that quality is paramount to us. We provide training and education to enable all personnel to achieve the set standards so we can be proud of our products.

We strive to minimize defects and complaints to the lowest possible level and are prepared to react quickly should there occur any deviation. Our food safety approach is risk based following a preventative HACCP program including allergen and authenticity management. All products are tested in our internal and/or accredited external labs before they leave our production sites – following the same procedures no matter where they are produced.

All our European and Asian production sites are 3rd party certified against schemes recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (e.g. BRC, IFS) and we have the systems in place to produce MSC and ASC certified products. In addition we ensure to be certified against specific customer needs and we welcome our customers to audit our facilities against their specific Quality Management requirements.

We are committed to investigate any complaint and to make sure we learn and improve in order to avoid the same incident happen again. We have traceability programs, from which we are able to trace each production lot down and upwards to all raw materials/ingredients and packaging material. We regularly perform internal exercises to challenge our system.

At Espersen we collaborate with our strategic customers as partners in order to continuously learn, improve and be ready for the future.

With our quality policy we support our approach of “we say what we do, and we do what we say” to continually deliver

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