• Quality & Food Safety

Quality & Food Safety

At Espersen, quality and food safety is a number one priority.

Our quality and food safety policy is ‘to produce and supply products in compliance with our customer expectations which is secured by a dedicated staff and a strong and reliable system’.

Among some of our most important milestones, Espersen was the first food processing company in Europe to establish our own laboratories to monitor quality control. To this day, quality and food safety is considered essential to our company, and our Q & A function is both horizontally and vertically integrated within the Espersen Group. This gives us the power to implement best practices and continuous business improvements across departments and divisions and, at the same time, secure that transparent and important information is transferred through the organization.

Our quality and food safety system is a fully incorporated part of the Espersen supply chain, as we firmly believe that ‘a chain is no stronger than its weakest link’. We were among the very first to achieve an HACCP third part certified system, and today we have obtained several recognized certifications, including ISO, BRC, IFC, MSC and ASC.

We do not use ‘positive release’, as all systems and procedures are deeply rooted in our organization. However, should damage occur, we have a serious incident programme based on reliable and traceable data. Traceability is crucial to Espersen, and we perform regular exercises, from which we are able to trace every production lot down- and upwards to every raw material/ ingredient, packaging material/ production lot that we deliver to our customers within a limited time usage.